30 The New Arrival.avi_001310009Now I know last Halloween season here on Hidden Horrors i reviewed the tales from the crypt episode “Television Terror” and boldly claimed it was the best and scariest episode of the crypt. Well this years halloween season i thought i would shed some light on what I and hopefully many other horror fans feel is the second creepiest episode of the whole damn series. It is the season 4 episode “the New Arrival” a episode so grim and unsettling its downright creepy and stays with you after its over.

from IMDB. An obnoxious and pompous radio psychologist Dr. Alan Getz (played wonderfully by David Warner)is told that he is in danger of losing his show due to poor ratings. In a bid to remedy the problem he decides to visit the home of regular caller, Nora (played by Zelda Rubinstein).A woman who has continual trouble with her badly behaved daughter Felicity. A move which he believes will be a great publicity stunt. Accompanied by his long suffering producer Bonni and his bitchy boss Rona. Getz arrives at Rona’s dilapidated, old house waiting to meet the badly behaved Felicity whome is now running around the house in a strange white china doll mask.Little knowing what horror lies in store for his associates and himself.

Now before i get into detail about this terrific episode i want to say that i first saw this one when i seven years old and damn did this one scare the shit out of the seven year old me and left me speechless at the end, and for good reason. “the New Arrival” is an episode that is so creepy and grim you could put several episodes of the crypt against it and all those episodes will seem tame in comparison. Even before our obnoxious psych gets to Nora’s house there is an uncomfortable feeling and when they finally do get to the house its nothing but horror from then on.

Not only does Nora’s house look creepy on the outside but when our doomed characters step inside is when the fun really begins. Zelda Rubinstein does a terrificly creepy job playing the mother who just cant say no to her child who seems just as crazy as her daughter felicity. When felicity does show up with her 50’s girl outfit and white china doll mask it is creepy and almost nightmarish but what is most creepy about “the New Arrival” is both Felicity and Nora are so insane there house is practically there own world and our psychologist steps into that nightmare world. Not only is there an uncomfortable and creepy feeling throughout the whole episode but there is some genuine tense moments along with a macabre and incredibly grim ending that really will get under your skin and leave you speechless as it did for me years ago and still does for me to this day.

So if you want to “visit the crypt” this Halloween season but want an episode that can make the hairs stand on end then seek no further then season four’s “The New Arrival”. Its uncomfortable, tense, ghoulish, grim and just downright creepy! – James J. Coker


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