32 Creep Course.avi_001521183For me every October horror movie binge has to include the Mummy somewhere..anywhere. So for Hidden Horrors halloween horror binge i decided to share with you some good old Mummy horror with the season 5 episode of Tales From the Crypt called “Creep Course”. A fun little mummy romp with a few twists and turns throughout and some moments of gore.

At a local college Stella Bishop is a full blown geek taking a course on Egyptian mythology led by the pompous Professor Finley played by Jeffery Jones who also happens to be a collector of Egyptian antiquity and one undead, lovelorn but violent living mummy! Little does Stella know that she’s intended to be the sacrifice for his undead living collectible but beforehand she is wooed by the charismatic jock Reggie played by Anthony Michael Hall who has his own sinister plans.

Creep Course is a straight forward and simple episode but it is quite an enjoyable one with good Acting from all three “living” characters. They all play there parts perfectly especially Jeffrey Jones who does a terrific job as that pompous professor you would love to hate. Creep Course also boasts a good looking rotted Mummy and some decent gore and kill scenes too. One has there insides “embalmed” and pukes it all up as black gush and another has there brains pulled out through there nose by the angry mummy with very “meaty” gore fx during that kill scene.

So this halloween season if you want just a little mummy horror to go with your halloween frights but dont want a full blown feature. Try giving the season 5 episode of tales from the Crypt “Creep Course” a watch, its an enjoyable one. – James J. Coker


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