Monster-BrawlFor most horror fans looking for a monster ball this Halloween season, some will host their own classic Universal monster marathons, some will get nostalgic and revisit their childhood with the Rankin and Bass Mad Monster Party, and some may discover something else new entirely.

And this season, viewers who are looking for something new should dig up the monster mash (and I stress the word “mash”) horror-comedy Monster Brawl.

Set in the atmospheric Hillside Necropolis cemetery (it’s a graveyard smash!), eight of the world’s most feared monsters, including Cyclops, Witch Bitch, The Mummy, Lady Vampire, Werewolf, Swamp Gut, Zombie Man, and Frankenstein, square of in a battle for monster supremacy (fortunate for the Werewolf the event happens upon a full moon!).

With not much of a plot to begin with, the film mainly consists of no-holds-barred one-on-one death matches between each creature, supported by color commentary from alcoholic Buzz Chambers (Kids in the Hall alumnus Dave Foley) and former wrestling champ “Sasquatch” Sid Tucker (Art Hindle, The Brood), introductions from special guest ring announcer, “the Mouth of the South” Jimmy Heart, and framed by flashbacks of how each monster happened upon the event

Monster Brawl will have viewers howling at the moon from the over-the-top acting, excessive comic violence, and ludicrous monikers and make-up (Swamp Gut is a double-whammy). But no matter what bad things anybody has to say about this film, co-writer and director Jesse Thomas Cook respects the genre and is paying homage, making it the perfect monster party to get you in the Halloween spirit.

~ Matthew “the Mork from Ork” McPhee


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