gravedancers         When one thinks of ghost horror movies they tend to think of the more slow based scares and atmosphere associated with it. But sometimes a ghost horror film comes out that goes for the complete opposite, it has a fast paced tone, jolts and jumpscares throughout and it can end up being an extremely fun time with your popcorn flying. It happened in the 80’s with Poltergeist, in the 90’s with the Frighteners and then in the 2000’s with Mike Mendez’s THE GRAVE DANCERS

Three grieving friends go to the cemetery at night after the funeral of a close friend and find a mysterious note that urgers them to dance upon the graves of (unbeknownst to them) the cities worst criminals. So naturally it turns out to be a curse and naturally the spirits of vow revenge.

Now let me just say that this film is an absolute blast of a ghost movie and even that of a horror movie. If they took those old fun carnival spookhouse rides, amped up the horror to %100, turned it into a rollercoaster then turned it all into a movie it would be GraveDancers. Okay so maybe Im exaggerating the movie a little but my point is this is a really really fucking fun horror movie.

Mike Mendez’s GraveDancers is a simple little ghost movie that is incredibly fun and a worthwhile ghost movie to watch in the Halloween season. It chock full of creepy atmosphere,many jolts and jumpscares, creepy graveyards, shrieking corpses, bursting coffins and menancing ghosts that look like they just stepped out of your nightmares. A horror movie that comes with strong recommendation from this reviewer. Just make sure to watch with all the lights turned off and some popcorn because that popcorn will by flying out of your hands in spooky fun. – James J. Coker


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