night galleryRod Serling’s “Night Gallery” featured many interesting episodes.A few were based on the tales of H.P Lovecraft. For this entry I’ll be taking a look at one of the Lovecraft adaptions called “Pickman’s Model”.

The episode tells the story of Lovelorn Mavis Goldsmith, an aspiring artist. She is taking art classes given by a mysterious man. The teacher tells his students to paint what they see and he paints portraits of a grotesque werewolf like beast. He then gets fired for his unusual way of painting and Lovelorn decides to pursue him even though he tells her not to. She then goes to his house to return a pairing of his he left behind…Only to be in for an ugly surprise.
While all “Night Gallery” episodes are great, there are a few factors about this one that make it raise above the average episode. First is they take an H.P. Lovecraft tale and turn it into a= half an hour episode but sill make an excellent Lovecraft adaption. Lovecraft tales are always pretty complex and they still manage to pull of a decent adaption in a short amount of time. Second, the creature in this episode is pretty ugly and is very realistic for the 70’s. I would say that the creature is pretty similar to the demon in “Curse of the Demon”.
So this Halloween, if you decide to watch an episode of ” Night Gallery”, and are overwhelmed by all the episodes to choose from, choose this one. It is a great one to watch, especially for the Lovecraft fan who wants to see a great adaption of one of his tales. This episode, (along with The Return of the Sorcerer) is a great episode to watch if you are new to ”Night Gallery”.
                                                   – Dakota Bailey

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