MV5BMTc4MjQ1MTQ5NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjU3MDgyMQ@@._V1__SX1303_SY572_IT IS OCTOBER 1ST EVERYONE! and its the start of the Halloween season! a time for ghosts n ghouls, feasting upon candy, deciding what to dress up as and for horror fans that one time of year to watch as many horror movies as possible in one month! Last Halloween season the staff of Hidden Horrors and I posted the most reviews, so this Halloween season there may not be as much reviews as last year but believe me dear readers there will be some interesting Hidden Horrors for this Halloween season. And speaking of interesting hidden horrors, I decided to start off this Halloween season with a hidden horror so damn rare that even most horror fans dont even know of its existence and it was never given proper distribution! now that is one hell of a rare horror movie. That little super rare Halloween horror movie is 1991’s SCARY MOVIE

Now before you say to yourself “whoa Scary Movie is a well known horror comedy its not a hidden horror” I just want to say THIS IS A DIFFERENT FUCKING MOVIE! this is NOT the 2000 well known shitty horror comedy Scary Movie but a different “Scary Movie” altogether. This “Scary Movie” is a independent psychological horror film that takes place on Halloween and was made in Austin Texas in 1991 and sadly was never distributed nation wide and only put out on a couple VHS tapes to a few in Austin Texas at the time of its one-time showing in a local theater in Austin, So it not only is a Hidden Horror but one hell of a Lost horror too.

“Scary Movie” centers Warren a nerdy, Paranoid and constantly scarred young man (played by a very young academy award nominated John Hawkes) who reluctantly goes on a double date with his Jock-douche friend Brad and his girlfriend Shelley to a popular countryside House of Horrors filled with Hokey setups, bad acting and terrible gore on Halloween night. While waiting in line Warren meets his blind date Barbara but he soon uncomfortable and increasely paranoid as he comes to believe an escaped lunantic may be hiding inside the hokey house of Horrors. When Warren finally enters his current state takes a turn for the worse and he slowly starts to lose his mind with fear and paranoia.

Now a horror fan that will expect blood and nudity in this film will be incredibly disappointed for the film has nothing of either. What Scary Movie does have is growing suspense from beginning to end, and making the audience ponder if there is indeed a lunantic inside the house of horrors or is Warren constant state of Fear and growing paranoia just getting the better of him. The suspense and the questioning of Warrens mental state continue from beginning all the way until the near end when even the hokey Halloween props inside the haunted house start to mess with Warrens head, eventually we found out whether there is the escaped maniac inside the house of horrors or its all in Warrens head. I wont spoil it too much but all ill say is “Fear is a state of Mind” and one more thing i have to add to this “Scary Movie” is in the beginning of the film while Warren and his blind date are waiting in line, his blind date Barbara goes on a very enjoyable talk about the holiday of Halloween that only furthers poor Warrens frightened state and Barbara’s little Halloween talk echoes a bit at the very end.

Sadly horror fans cannot own this lost little Halloween movie on DVD nor VHS because it never recieved a wide distribution. Luckily the films composer posted up the entire movie on Youtube So if you want to see a lost little halloween movie this October then goes for more psychological scare and suspense rather then gore. Give 1991’s SCARY MOVIE a watch. – James J. Coker


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