HIDDEN HORROR – The Mutilator

mutilator Horror fans know there is no denying that there were many 1980s slasher films that fading into obscurity due to little press or due to that they just were not that good partially to the bad acting, bad dialogue, uninspired kill scenes or just bad pacing. well here I will be reviewing a 1980s slasher film that actually has most of those bad qualities BUT has terrific kill scenes. That uninspired but gory as hell 1980s slasher film is none other then THE MUTILATOR.

A group of teenagers decide to take a vacation at the beach house of one of their fathers. The kid whose father owns the house just happened to accidentally kill his mother when he was a child. When they get to the house, the father has mysteriously disappeared. little do they know the crazed father is now hunting them down one by one.

Now let me just say that this is actually a bad slasher movie. The Mutilator suffers from terrible acting, wooden dialogue, slow pacing, unlikable characters and a weird happy go lucky folk like pop song for the opening and closing music!…but what does make up for all of those bad is the kill scenes during the film and DAMN are the kill scenes the most memorable part. Here we are treated to chopped off heads, wooden blanks shoved into a face, boat motor fan to the chest, yes you read that correctly, pitchfork to the neck, chopped torsos and legs and finally a meat hook shoved into a girls vagina and out her stomach! and it is all shown in gory detail with wet,meaty and practically nasty detail by makeup effects artist Mark Shostrom and Anthony Showe. the gore fx in the film are the high point along with the last 10 minutes being surprisingly tense and filled with even more wet and practically nasty styled gore FX, Hell one can practically watch the film with the fast forward button in the lowest speed only really watching the death scenes and the last 10 minutes.

So if your wanting some great slasher movie death scenes with gore bordering on the wet,meaty and nasty side then seek out the obscure little 80s slasher film the Mutilator. just be aware that the kill scenes are the only good aspects to the film. – James J. Coker


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