07 No Strings.avi_000788095Whenever horror fans bring up the topic of the 80’s horror anthology show Tales From the darkside, they mostly bring up the classic episodes like “halloween Candy” or “inside the Closet” and hardly every mention the series one killer puppet episode, that episode is called “No Strings” an episode of the darkside that needs more mentioning among Tales from the Darkside fans

Mobster Eddie Minelli plans a private performance by a famous puppeteer, but with a ghoulish new puppet: the bloody remains of Don Paulie, the man Eddie has just murdered.

now its a darn shame that darkside fans dont mention this episode. its quite good for what it is. The performances are all good, there is actually a tiny bit of gore in it, rather creepy and well done carnival-esque music to it, a classic comeuppance for mobster Eddie and a statement made by the puppeteer about the connection between the puppet and the puppeteer and the power making people feel through performance. Also to note the whole episode has this dark and macabre tone throughout even more so then other tales from the darkside episode. So if you want to visit the old 1980s show but want a rather obscure episode then look into No Strings. – James J. Coker


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