08 Carrion Death.avi_001443556In all honesty the third season of Tales from the crypt only had a handful of noteworthy episodes, one of those episodes was “Carrion Death” which stared Kyle Maclahlan and was more of a crime episode with a rather gruesome ending then straight horror.

A sadistic serial killer named Digs has unforeseen complications when pursued by a determined motorcycle cop in a barren desert. But during the eventual confrontation between the two. The cop handcuffes Digs to himself, Digs winds up killing the cop only for him to swallow the handcuff keys, So now Digs is forced to drag the body of the cop across the barren Desert hoping to cross the border into mexico but all the while a vulture has had its eyes on Digs from the start and has been haunting him throughout.

now though this episode isnt horror it is still a pretty damn entertaining episode. the first half is practically a cat and mouse game between the Cop and digs whereas the second half turns into a survival story for Digs, but the real show stealer is the Vulture, the Vulture is constantly there harassing Digs every single time something goes wrong for the character until finally Digs makes one stupid mistake and the vulture takes care of him for good as you can see from the picture. So the viewer almost gets the sense that the vulture is some punishing force out for Digs, none the less it is still a quite entertaining episode and one of the few good episodes of season 3 of the Crypt. – James J. Coker


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