Hidden Horror- Anthropophagus (1980)

anthrophagus-1-1For my last entry I took a look at the Italian horror film “House with the Laughing Windows.” For this entry I will be taking a look at another Italian horror film: 1980’s Anthropophagus. While it is not as unknown as House with the Laughing Windows it is still not as popular as other classic Italian horror films like Zombie 2, or Suspiria. Anthropophagus has gained quite the cult following over the years though. As I have said before, the world of Italian horror is a vast one full of gems and Anthropophagus is a perfect example. The film is directed by Joe D’Amato who is notorious for his sleazy, over the top films. He is a director that has done everything from porn to horror and his style and dirty vibe is all over this film.

Anthropophagus tells the story of some vacationers that visit a Greek beach town, however no one inhabits the island. It is soon found out that a deformed cannibal serial killer lives on the island, who has already eaten all of its inhabitants and plans to do the same to the vacationers. This film sounds like a normal slasher, though it is anything but. It has all the elements that good Italian horror films have: atmosphere, beautiful cinematography, and over the top gore! The special effects in Anthropophagus are great and realistic, having brought snuff film allegations against it. Those allegations were proved false and this film ended up on the notorious list of “video nasties.” The gore in Anthropophagus rivals Lucio Fulci’s filmography, even The Beyond. There are some pretty gross scenes in this film, so if you are the kind horror fan that doesn’t like gore, do not watch this film, because a lot of its appeal lies in its over-the-top gore and gross factor.

If you are more of a fan of Lucio Fulci’s style Italian horror then Dario Argento’s (like me) then this film will appeal to you and you will love it. Besides Anthropophagus being loaded with gore, it has atmosphere and a unique beach island-like vibe to it, making it the perfect summertime Italian horror film. The cannibal killer is pretty over-the-top as well and he even attacks his victim in the water while they are swimming as if he was a shark! You cannot go wrong with an atmospheric horror film that has a lot of gore, and Anthropophagus has both those elements. So if you love Lucio Fulci you must see this film as fast as you can! You won’t be sorry and it just might be your new favorite film. And it has a pretty gross ending that features some self cannibalism too! You don’t want to miss Anthropophagus.

-Dakota Bailey


One thought on “Hidden Horror- Anthropophagus (1980)

  1. I bet there is more than one movie theatre ticket sale person who has had to contend with drunk teens trying to pronounce the name of this film. Its hard enough sober. I loved the scene where the woman’s body is thrown off the balcony with a rope around her neck. Its so cheesy. And those lightning flashes were more like nuclear detonations in a WWIII movie.

    Also, what the hell was with composers in the 80s and their pre-dubstep “radio tuning” music.

    Great review

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