TERROR TV – TALES FROM THE CRYPT – People who live in Brass Hearses

19 People who Live in Brass Hearses.avi_000434400There were seven seasons of Tales From the Crypt all together and in my opinion season 5 was the last good season. There were many memorable episodes in said season. One episode was gorier then it should of been crime episode with terrific acting from Bill Paxton, Brad Dourif and Michael Lerner, that episode of “People who live in Brass Hearses”

In the hot summertime in the city, a very hot tampered convict Billy (Paxton) is released from prison after a two year sentence. Billy convinced his dim witted brother Virgil (Dourif) to help him rob a ice cream warehouse and to get revenge on Mr.Byrd, the kindly ice cream man who is responsible to sending Billy to Jail. However there plan turns awry and quite bloody due to Virgil’s stupidity and a revealing secret about Mr.Byrd.

Now even though this episode of the Crypt doesnt have any supernatural elements to it, it it a surprisingly gory ‘Crime’ episode. With stabbings,hooks to the head, blown apart legs and heads all in very “meaty” detail. And not only is the death scene top notch but the performances from Paxton, Dourif and Lerner are all top notch too, with Lerner practically being a showstopper during the twist ending. And speaking of the twist ending, where as alot of Tales from the Crypt episodes end with a twist involving some rotten zombie back for revenge, here the ending twist doesnt involve anything supernatural but is still a effectively brutal and macabre twist ending resulting in a comeuppance. So if you happen to pop in the fith season of the Crypt, make sure to check out “People who live in Brass Hearses”, with its meaty death scenes,great performance and different twist ending makes it a memorable episode of the Crypt. – James J. Coker


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