The_SlayerEvery horror fan knows that the early 80s was the slasher movie boom, Countless slasher movies came out during that time to the point its difficult to keep track of all of them. One of those slasher movies in that explosion was a little film called The Slayer, a little obscure slasher film that went completely under the radar at the time and is sadly completely under the radar to horror and slasher movie fans now. And that is quite a shame because out of all obscure slasher movies to come out of the early 80s, the Slayer has to be one of the most atmospheric ones.

A couple along with the wifes brother and his wife travel to an isolated island retreat for some long awaited rest and relaxation, but the wife suffers from recurring nightmares of being chased by a maniacal monster around the island and of nightmares of the others being killed. But she soon realizes that the dreams are actually premonitions of things to come. And it is not very long until the Slayer begins to kill his victims one by one.

Now even though the Slayer has pacing issues and a low body count, it makes up for in a good music score, a cool ghoulish looking monsterious maniac, and terrific atmosphere that blends two different kinds of atmosphere very well. During the daylight scenes in the movie it has very warm, Summerlike Beachfront atmosphere while during the night scenes it has a very stormy “old dark house” style atmosphere. So seeing these two different kinds together is quite an interesting blend. Almost making the film perfect to watch in either the Summer or Autumn. Also another noteworthy thing about the film is that here is a early 80s slasher film that to a surprise does not have dumb fun loving teens as victims but instead grown ass adults who somtimes get into bickering arguments with there signifigant other as would any older couples would, so its a good change from the usual partying teen that your just waiting to be killed.

So if your glossing over all the many MANY slasher films from the 1980s and come across the Slayer, please dont overlook it as so many horror fans have, give it a chance and enjoy one hell of a atmospheric little slasher movie that can be enjoyed in the Summer or the Fall. – James J. Coker


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