TERROR TV: Tales from the Crypt – ‘Til Death

04 'Till Death.avi_001502968Back when Tales from the Crypt was airing on television, its second season took the ghoulishness, rotting zombies, gore and makeup effects to the tenth degree, compared to the first season. One second season episode that really took advantage of the Crypt‘s signature brand of darkly comic yet ghoulish and gruesome tone was the episode “Til Death.”

Logan, a real estate developer looking to build a hotel on a Caribbean island, is an unscrupulous gold digger who would do anything to catch the right woman with lots of money, including dabbling in voodoo. When he meets Margaret, a beautiful and prudish rich widow on vacation, he immediately asks his partner, a voodoo priestess, to conjure up a love potion for him. He secretly slips Margaret the potion and she falls in love with him, but finds out too late that he gave her too much love potion and now she will love him even after death.

If you see only one typical “rotting corpse” episode of Tales from the Crypt, then it should be “Til Death.” Not only does the episode showcase the show’s typically dark comic, macabre, and ghoulish sense of style, but there’s also some fun to be had with the episode’s Voodoo atmosphere with it and seeing poor Logan run from Margaret who gets progressively more rotten with each shot thanks to the director Chris Wallace’s superb makeup effects. Finally in Crypt fashion our poor Logan gets what is coming to him, but this time it’s not death, but much worse. So if you’re in the mood to watch an episode of Tales from the Crypt that has that “rotting corpse that wont go away” trope, there’s no better one then the second season episode “Til Death.”

– James J. Coker


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