jaws-2-red-posterThere is no denying that Jaws is not just a horror masterpiece, but a masterpiece of cinema altogether. Hell one could even say that Jaws is the ultimate summer horror film, but what about all those sequels to Jaws? Of course they don’t measure up to the original and are smeared by both critics and fans, but how can they possibly begin to compare to how great the original film was. Although those sequels are smeared a lot, there is one Jaws sequel that deserves more love from fans and certainly more forgiveness: Jaws 2.

Four years after the events of the first film, the island town of Amity suddenly experiences a series of mysterious boating accidents and disappearances. Chief Brody, back from the original film, fears that another shark is out there, but he is ignored by the townsfolk and Mayor Vaugh. Unfortunately, he’s right, because there is another Great White in the sea. And it wants revenge.

One immediate likeable thing about Jaws 2 is that it feels like a direct follow up to the first film by have three characters from the previous film all played by the same actors back in this film. Roy Schieder, Lorraine Gray and Murray Hamilton reprise their roles as Amity Island police chief Brody, Ellen Brody, and Mayor Larry Vaugh, respectively. So you’re not seeing a completely new story with Jaws 2, but instead a “few years after” storyline.

Although the scares and suspense of Jaws 2 do not match up to the scares of the original, it is still an entertaining movie and good follow up that focuses on Chief Brody and his obsession with what he believes is a new shark problem in Amity. The movie actually leads up to a complete meltdown of the character on the beach right in front of everyone and the mayor. Surprisingly the film also focuses on a group of fun loving teens that are stalked and eaten by our wonderful shark, hell one can say that Jaws 2 is practically a slasher film with that trope, combined with the cliche obsessed man hunting down said monster. I digress, but either way it’s a worthwhile sequel to the original masterpiece and if you’re in the mood to see what happened to Chief Brody and Amity island after the events of the first Jaws, then try giving Jaws 2 a watch, just don’t expect the exact same level of fear and suspense that the first film had and you could have a decent time.

-James J. Coker


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