HIDDEN HORROR – Easter Casket


Easter is a tough time to be a horror fan as there isn’t much Easter horror to watch. However thanks to indie micro-budget horror director Dustin Mills, we now have the grand Easter horror film “Easter Casket.” Though it might have an extremely low budget, it certainly makes up for it with its pure ambition. A perfect example of more money does not equal a better film.

All Hell breaks loose when Petter Cottontail, aka the Easter Bunny, hears that the Catholic Church plans to do away with all Easter rituals not pertaining directly to the resurrection of Christ. Angered by this decision, the Easter Bunny goes on on a rampage, leaving the bodies of the clergy and a few catholic school girls in his path. Father Asher is a warrior priest who, under the guidance of the Mega Pope, is hot on the trailer of the Easter Bunny. Will Asher be able to stop the Easter Bunny, who has now revealed himself to be a ancient demon god?

With a plot like that you know this film is going to be whacky, over the top and batshit crazy and it very well is. Also, right from the beginning you can tell this film was made for nothing. However that does not get in the way of its ambitions. It’s a highly entertaining, funny and sometimes disturbing horror action hybrid that leaves you saying “what the hell?” multiple times. The characters are somewhat likable and the film explores the catholic as well as the pagan meaning of Easter, which is sex. Speaking of sex, there is a fantastic sex scene between two main characters where the buildup right before the sex is almost nerve racking and the sex is very much needed for both characters. Worth mentioning is the amazing music score by Ian Smith, it echoes of early John Carpenter. Finally, the one who steals the whole show, the Easter bunny himself, is surprisingly not played by an actor in a suit or makeup but instead he is a puppet fabricated and voiced by the director himself Dustin Mills. And here the Easter bunny is both whacky, evil and uncomfortably creepy.

If you are stumped on what movie to watch this Easter, seek out Dustin Mills “Easter Casket.” If you can forgive the low budget, you will have a blast and hopefully make this essential viewing for your Easter season.

– James J. Coker


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