HIDDEN HORROR-Don’t Go in the House

MPW-24935”Don’t go in the House” is a 1980 horror/slasher film written and directed by Joseph Ellison. This film came out in the 80′s when slasher movies were very popular and they was a huge stream of them that came out and some of them that were very good were over looked. And this is one of them. It is probably one of the most brutal films of the 80′s era of horror films, and it is a great film that deserves more recognition. If this film had been more popular it probably would have had several sequels. Instead it was unpopular and no sequels followed.

 The film tells the story of a mentally unstable man named Donny. He lives in an old mansion with his elderly abusive mother. One day he returns after work and finds his mom sleeping in her rocking chair. He tries waking her up, but it becomes clear that his mom past away in her sleep. Donny is sad at first but then gets happy that there are no longer any rules in the household.. But he is wrong. As soon as he is about to do something that his mother would have not approved of, he hears her disembodied voice. Her voice begins to control and abuse him. Donny soon becomes very unstable and goes on a reign of terror with a flame thrower as his weapon!

This film to be honest rips off of ”Psycho”. However, this film brings a new level of brutality and dirtiness that ”Psycho” did not have. It is similar in ways such as that there is a son and a mom. The mom is dead, but the sun is deranged and still thinks that his mother is alive. Donny also preserves his mother’s corpse and it becomes some what of a skeleton sitting in a rocking chair such as in ”Psycho”.

What makes this film so cool, is that it is one of horror cinema’s best kept secrets. Also while other horror films of the 80′s depended on violence and gore, this film does not rely entirely on those factors. While there is some violence in this film, it does not depend on it. Instead this film is creepy, atmospheric and has a dirty exploitation vibe to it. I have heard reports that when this film was released on home video, it gathered dust on the shelves of video rentals. However this film gained some notoriety when Quentin Tarintino played it at his film festival and said he liked this film.

If you are looking for a classy Mario Bava horror this film is not for you. But if you want a brutal , under the radar horror film, then check this out.  Give this movie a chance and see one of horror cinema’s best kept secrets.

-Dakota Bailey


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