HIDDEN HORROR-Burn, Witch,Burn

burn_witch_burn_poster_02“Burn, Witch, Burn” also known as “Night of the Eagle,” is a 1962 British black magic/occult film directed by Sidney Hayers. This film is an intelligent, “Twilight Zone” esque tale- which makes sense as Richard Matherson, who wrote many episodes of the series, also wrote this film- that relies heavily on the power of suggestion.

Norman Taylor is a successful professor that does not believe in supernatural powers. One day he learns his wife has been messing around with black magic. She confess to him that she is  witch and the reason he is so successful is because of her magic powers. He refuses to believe it. Norman gets angry, rips apart the house and finds all sorts of black magic related items. He burns them all in the fire place. However after doing so he begins to have a downward spiral of bad luck. Is this just a coincidence or has he defined the supernatural.

What I like about this film is that it can never be outdated. There are no visual effects for modern day audiences to scoff at and the way it builds dread and tension is done in a way that a modern audience can comprehend. Yes not everyone will appreciate the black and white look of the film. However if you can watch”Twilight Zone” episodes then you will be able to make it though this film.

Gore hounds will not pleased with this film. However if you enjoy black and white horror films, “The Twilight Zone,” or “Rosemary’s Baby” than you will enjoy this film. A very intelligent film about black magic.

-Dakota Bailey


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