HIDDEN HORROR-Tombs of the Blind Dead

tombs-of-the-blind-dead-movie-poster-1972-1020374534For this entry let’s look at another horror film from Spain, 1971’s “Tombs of the Blind Dead,” the first entry in the Blind Dead series of films from Amando de Ossorio. This is a fantastic and criminally unknown horror film that deserves a lot more recognition. Imagine a Mario Bava film meets a R-rated horror film and that is what you get with this movie.

The film is a fictional story based on the real-life Christian military order The Knights Templar.  The knights are executed for practicing witchcraft and their bodies are left for the birds to pick their eyes out, thus making them “the blind dead.” Fast forward centuries later, a woman and her boyfriend are on a train ride. The woman runs into an old friend from her past. Feeling uncomfortable after the encounter, she jumps off the train and spends the night in an abandoned tomb. However it is the same tomb where the knights are buried. They awaken and murder her. The woman’s boyfriend and her friend learn what happen and begin to investigate. However as the murders keep happening it becomes clear the knights have risen from their grave and will not stop their killing spree.

As I stated earlier, this film is very much the visual style of Mario Bava mixed with a hard R film. There is a very dirty exploitation vibe to the whole thing. While there is some gore it is never excessive. The Knights themselves are great horror movie villains. While they may seem like zombies they have more of a mummy feel to them. There is also a good amount of technical creativity in the film. For example: when the knights are riding on horseback the speed of the camera is slowed down to make it seem as if they are moving very slowly.

Ossorio’s Blind Dead films are a fantastic series that I would recommend to any horror fan. The other films are “Return of the Blind Dead” “The Ghost Galleon” and “Night of the Seagulls.”

 Bonus Review: Slayer’s “Diabolus in Musica.” 

Slayer’s 1998 album “Diabolus in Musica,” is the “Dead Silence” of heavy metal albums. The reason this album is so hated by many is because the band did not use the same fast tempo they did on their classic albums like “Reign in Blood.” This album is mostly medium paced songs. Also Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman down tuned their guitars for this album so the guitar work is more heavy than usual. I think Slayer decided to expand their sound so people wouldn’t complain about them being stuck in the past and never changing. Plus, this album was a response to the rap metal craze at the time and was a way to show those poser rockers what real heavy metal is. This is an incredible album that deserves much more respect from the metal community.

-Dakota Bailey


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