Cktsasopen“The Switch” is a rather interesting episode of “Tales from the Crypt.” First off, It is directed by The Terminator himself Arnold Schwarzenegger. Second, it does not have any gore or monsters that you would find in a standard episode of the series. Rather this is episode is a tale of irony and is fantastic.

Our main character is a rich old man named Carlton Webster and he is in love with a young woman named Linda, who does not know he is rich. Carlton knows that Linda can’t be attracted to his old body so he goes to a doctor that can make his face look younger. He pays the doctor $900,000 and Carlton gets a handsome young face. Linda likes his new face however is body is still that of an old man. Calrton continues to go back to the doctor and change his body. However in the end Carlton gets a surprise that he never saw coming.

Having Arnold direct this episode is in itself quite ironic. This episode is about health and fitness, basically what Arnold was all about. With its lack of gore and monsters and “be careful what you wish for” storyline it is more akin to “Twilight Zone” than “Tales from the Crypt. However this episode tells this story quite well and is worth a watch.

-Dakota Bailey


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