HIDDEN HORROR-The Sinful Dwarf

sinfuldwarf4“The Sinful Dwarf” is a 1973 Danish underground horror film directed by Vidal Raski. Without a doubt this is a Hidden Horror as even many people in the horror community are not aware of its existence. It’s a shocking, weird film that serves as the essence of trash cinema, specifically Euro Trash.

A newly married husband and wife move into a boarding house, owned by a weird woman and her very strange dwarf son (Torben Bille). The couple settle into their living space but little do they know that the dwarf is an evil pervert. The dwarf and his mother have their eyes on the wife and a wicked plan in mind for her. 

This film is one of the first shock films, coming out before more well-known shock titles such as “Faces of Death” or the Cannibal horror films. However what makes “The Sinful Dwarf” unique is its lack of violence or gore. The shock value of the film comes from the perverted nature of the evil dwarf. It’s dirty, gritty sleazy and totally a product of the ‘70s exploitation film era. Those who love a good sleaze film should love this one. 

Controversy surrounded the film upon its initial release. Sweden banned it from theaters and the ban clearly prevented the film from getting any traction as in its theatrical run it only sold a couple thousand tickets in its native country of Denmark. I believe that this caused the film to not find its audience and  had the film become more well-known there is no doubt it would have developed a cult following.

It’s a good thing there are blogs like ours that inform audiences of these little-known films.  Severin Films released the movie on DVD in 2009 and you can purchase it from Amazon or any other online store. It makes me happy that a new generation of fans will be able to see this twisted, forgotten gem. 

Not everyone will appreciate this film. However if you love underground horror films, trash films, shock films, Euro trash or movies about evil dwarfs, than this is for you! It does not have its spot in horror history, and perhaps it never will, but it’s a great film and provides more entertainment and shock than most modern horror films. A unique film that deserves a lot more appreciation from horror fans. 

-Dakota Bailey


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