HIDDEN HORROR- I Bury the Living

d9e80047ac485766dc9cb2f7ad1ef2fb“I Bury the Living” is a 1958 American film directed by Albert Band, father of Charles Band from Full Moon Features. Horror fans seem to overlook this great film and that is a shame. It may seem like a typical ‘50s B-Movie but it comes highly recommended as it has an interesting plot that makes the viewer think.

The film tells the story of a man named Robert Kraft, who becomes the chairman of a very large cemetery. In the office there is a map of the cemetery grounds, which is dotted with black and white pushpins to mark the different plots. Ones with black pins contain a body while those marked with a white pin do not. Robert fucks around and puts a black pin in one of the white pin spots. He thinks nothing of it until he learns the person who owns the plot he struck with the black pin has died. Out of curiosity he tries it again and another person dies. Robert begins to breakdown and wonder if he really has the supernatural power to bury the living.

If you enjoy black and white, old school horror films you will love this one. The black and white photography combined with the large cemetery makes for a perfect atmosphere. This film relies completely on atmosphere, suspense and character development. Sorry but there is no gore to be found here.

Another aspect of this film that makes it unique is that it’s a psychological horror film, quite uncommon during the b-movie era. The movie makes you question if Robert really has these supernatural abilities or if it’s all coincidence. There is a great quote at the end of the movie that really sums up what the film is about. I don’t remember it exactly but it goes something like this: “If a man thinks about something hard enough, it might become real.”

“I Bury the Living” is definitely a Hidden Horror and a very unique film. If you want an intelligent, well-acted, atmospheric and creepy horror film that will leave you thinking about it after it’s over, then for sure check out this one. I am still thinking about the movie and it has been a while since I watched it.

-Dakota Bailey


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