HIDDEN HORROR-Who Can Kill a Child?

who-can-kill“Who Can Kill a Child?” is a Spanish horror film from 1976 directed by Narciso Ibáñez Serrador. It’s a relatively unknown horror film but one that I recommend to any horror fans. Despite its age it still has the ability to disturb viewers. Much like “Village of the Damned” and “Children of the Corn” this film revolves around creepy children. However this one is much more disturbing and one that you won’t soon forget after a viewing.

The plot revolves around a couple named Tom and Evelyn who take a vacation to an island. When they arrive the only inhabits they find are weird children who say nothing. As Tom and Evelyn explore the island to find out what is happening they realize the children are violent killers and have killed all the adults on the island. The two then must defend themselves against the children or they will be killed.

Overall this is an intelligent, serious, disturbing and well-acted horror film. It’s a slow burn but as it progresses it perfectly builds up dread and tension. In addition the abandoned island makes for a really creepy setting. If you are looking for an unknown, out of the box horror film then you should definitely watch “Who Can Kill a Child?”

-Dakota Bailey


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