HIDDEN HORROR-The House with Laughing Windows

houselaughingwindows cover“The House with Laughing Windows” is a 1976 giallo film directed by Pupi Avati. It’s one of the most unknown and one of the best horror films out there. What you will find in this film is a lot of style, a weird plot, and a feeling of dread and tension throughout.

The plot revolves around an artist named Stefano. He comes to a village to restore a gruesome painting that depicts people being tortured and murdered. According to the locals the artist who created it would have real people killed and tortured as he painted, that way his art would be more realistic. As Stefano tries to restore the painting he finds that something or someone does not want him to, and the village’s twisted secret is eventually revealed.

Overall this film is the definition of a Hidden Horror. The opening is very creepy and so is the painting Stefano is restoring. The end is very bizarre and will creep you out. If you are looking for a unique, creepy horror film than this is worth a watch.

-Dakota Bailey


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