The Hole.avi_000791124It’s been a while since I reviewed an episode of the anthology series “Monsters.” For this entry I’ll be taking a look at one of the best episodes from the final season, one that really stands out from the typical low budget, two sets limit of the show. I am talking about the Viet Cong zombies episode The Hole.

A group of American soldiers fighting in the Vietnam War retreat into an underground bunker. While they think they are safe they will soon encounter a threat far more sinister than the Viet Cong.

There are multiple aspects that make this episode worth watching. First, the story line is great. How can you go wrong with Viet Cong zombies? Second, the make-up effects on the zombies is fantastic. Third, the setting of the bunker provides a creepy and claustrophobic atmosphere. Fourth, there is a great build-up throughout. It starts out slow but as our panicked soldiers discover what they are up against, and more and more of the dead start popping out of the walls, the pace builds faster and faster.

The Hole is an excellent, stand out episode of the series and one that horror fans should check out once the DVD collection of “Monsters” comes out later this year.

 -James J. Coker


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