HIDDEN HORROR- At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul

CJ3“At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul” is a 1964 Brazilian horror film by Jose Mojica Marins, who is the writer/director and also plays lead role of Coffin Joe. It’s a great atmospheric horror film that is not very well known. It’s also the first film in the Coffin Joe trilogy, which includes “This Night I’ll Possess Your Corpse” from 1967 and “The Embodiment Of Evil” from 2008.

The film tells the tale of undertaker Zé do Caixão aka Coffin Joe, who terrorizes a religious village. He is feared by the people because he does not fear God or the Devil, he only cares about the continuity of his blood and having a son.

However his wife is unable to have a child so he tries to steal away his friend’s fiancé. He then murders his own wife with a poisonous tarantula and gets away with it. Coffin Joe’s quest for someone to bear him a son leads to more murders. A gypsy warns him not to defy the supernatural or he will pay, which he eventually does.

This movie is as atmospheric as any Mario Bava film, has a Universal Monster movie kind of vibe and is all around a very fresh, unique and original horror film.

Coffin Joe is a memorable villain and horror icon. He dresses all in black, wears a black top hat, and has very long fingernails. Coffin Joe has made appearances in other films and Jose Mojica Marins has had a prolific career as a filmmaker, but this title is probably his best known work and his masterpiece. This is in my opinion one of the most underrated and unknown horror films and is a must see.

 -Dakota Bailey


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