Hidden Horrors SPECIAL REPORT – FAT TUESDAY – The Lost “Tales from the Crypt” Presents Movie

Most of you fellow horror fiends know there are two “Tales from the Crypt Presents” movies, “DemonKnight” and “Bordello of Blood.” However you may not know there was a third movie that was filmed and completed between the two but never released. That film was “Fat Tuesday.”


The story takes place in New Orleans, of course, and concerns a troubled man searching into the dark mystery of his past, all the while protecting his son. Instead of the usual black humor and fun nature of “Tales from the Crypt,” this title has a very dark and mysterious feel with strong elements of psychological terror. It also involves a heavy dose of voodoo and even a demonic and humorous evil harlequin villain.


I know, that plots sounds fucking awesome. However you’re probably wondering “What the hell happened! Why didn’t we got to see this?” The reason, according to rumors, had to do with casting and race issues. Since the film contains strong voodoo elements the script naturally required a large African-American cast. However during pre-production there were debates as to whether the film would be commercially viable because of the cast. When the film was completed the cast was entirely white.


Because of this “Tales from the Crypt” producer Joel Silver stepped in, claimed he would be branded a racist if the film was released and locked it up in a vault. At least that is how the rumors go. If these rumors are in fact true then “Tales from the Crypt” fans everywhere, including myself, should be surly depressed, angered and very curious about this so called lost film. All I know is if I ever come in contact with Joel Silver, you can bet your ass I will be asking him about this.


To prove this project does exists I found two sales pitch artworks that were done for the movie, the kind of artwork that appears in the Crypt Keeper’s book when he presents the movie. I also found two images of an article on “Fat Tuesday” that come from the “DemonKnight” magazine that was published when that movie came out.

-James J. Coker




4 thoughts on “Hidden Horrors SPECIAL REPORT – FAT TUESDAY – The Lost “Tales from the Crypt” Presents Movie

    • RITUAL is a remake of the 1943 film I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE. Personally I enjoy RITUAL. Many fans dislike it however. I thought the Crypt-Keeper was only added for commercial reasons during its 2006 North American release, but apparently that’s not the case. I guess it was always intended as a TALES FROM THE CRYPT film oddly enough.

  1. i have heard rumors of this, but the versions i know do not feature the movie being completed…damn. now i want to see it

  2. How racist could it possibly be? Whites in black face? White actors playing natives who should be black skinned? If this is true and the film is complete, it sucks that it probably won’t be released.

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