12 SLAYS OF CHRISTMAS – 12TH SLAY – TERROR TV – Tales from the Crypt – And All Through the House

tales_5Well everyone here it is, the 12th Slay of Christmas, just in time for Christmas Eve. I hope you all have had a festive and scary holiday season and that at least some of you checked out the holiday horrors we have mentioned. Believe me, I saved the best for last. Tonight I am talking about the first season episode of “Tales from the Crypt” And All Through The House, directed by Robert Zemeckis of “Back to the Future” fame. This is an episode so “Christmasy” but also dripping with horror.

The plot of this all-time classic episode concerns a greedy wife who just murdered her husband on Christmas Eve for the life insurance money.  As she is disposing of the body an escaped lunatic in a Santa outfit carrying an Axe comes her way and decides to put her on his naughty list.

Director Robert Zemeckis does a lot right with this episode. The direction is sharp throughout and the Christmas atmosphere is front and center, so much so that Nat King Cole’s classic tune “The Christmas Song” plays in the beginning. Throw in some ghoulish and dark humor along with fast paced, edge of your seat horror and you have a fun and ghoulish yuletide horror story. Also, actor Larry Drake gives a creepy and nightmare inducing performance as the Killer Santa. Out of all the Killer Santa’s out there none is more scary then Larry Drake’s.

And All Through the House is 30 minutes of pure, I mean pure Christmas horror, that I urge everyone, whether they love horror or not, to watch at least once during the Christmas season It’s a perfect example goes of the very best “Tales From the Crypt” has to offer.


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