12 SLAYS OF CHRISTMAS – 11TH SLAY – UNDERRATED GEMS – Black Christmas (2006)

black_christmas_ver3_xlgSince I just reviewed the original “Black Christmas” I might as well review the underrated and under-appreciated remake from seven years ago. YES!  you heard me right, it is a very under-appreciated horror movie. Almost all horror fans shit on this remake because they were expecting the exact same film as the original and not something different. If horror fans would just watch this film and not compare it to the original then they would surely have a blast watching it, I know I sure as hell do every Christmas season.

The plot is essentially the same as the original: killer makes strange, scary phone calls and stalks sorority girls on Christmas Eve. This time though there are more girls, much more of a body count film, they’re practically snowed in and there are two killers at hand. Also, in the original you never really know the identity of the killer whereas here you already know and are even given a wonderfully fucked up and gory backstory to both killers.

Now one complaint most horror fans make about this remake is the dialogue and I will admit some of the dialogue scenes are pretty dumb. However there are a lot of good things that come with this film. It’s a fun, gory Christmas slayride with nasty, gory death scenes (eye mutilations that would make Fulci proud), Christmas colored lighting throughout (practically Argento like) plus Christmas atmosphere down your throat from beginning, and it’s entertaining. Where the original is a slow burning, bloodless creepfest, the “Black Christmas Remake” is an ‘80s Italian style Christmas slasher gorefest that unfortunately came out 20 years too late. if this film came out with a different title and came out in 1986 most horror fans would make this essential viewing for the season! But sadly most horror fans continue to undeservedly shit on this wonderfully fun film.

If you saw this film years back, compared it to the original, and ended up hating it, I strongly urge you to rewatch the film. Enjoy it as a stand alone Christmas Splatter-fest. Hopefully you’ll forgive it, make it a Christmas season horror essential and thank me for it

-James J. Coker


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