silent_night_xlgThis festive “Killer Santa” film isn’t really a “Hidden Horror” as it seems to be well-known in the horror community. However with mainstream audiences it flew completely under the radar, thus technically making it a “Hidden Horror.” Okay, with that out of the way let’s discuss this incredibly fun and very sinister Christmas slasher film.

“Silent Night” is a VERY, VERY loose remake of the, in my opinion, overrated 1984 “Killer Santa” film “Silent Night, Deadly Night.” At first it seems like a run-of-the mill slasher film: killer comes into a small midwestern town dressed as Santa, killing off random people in gory ways with the police tracking him down. One of the cops on the case is policewoman Aubrey, played by the wonderful Jamie King. Aubrey goes through a variety of emotions and doubts herself constantly due to a previous tragedy. The killings are of course happening on Christmas Eve and to make matters worse for our police, there just happens to be the annual Santa parade with many dressed as old Saint Nick.

Now what’s great about “Silent Night” is …Damn there’s so much great stuff that I don’t know where to start…

For all the gore hungry fans you will be happy to know that “Silent Night” does not skip on the gory killings, in fact you’ll get quite a multitude of them. Electrocutions via Christmas lights, impalements, chopped limbs, stabbings, burnings via flamethrower, heads chopped in half via an axe and a glorious death scene involving a tree shredder. Oh, fans of gory slasher cinema will have a delight with this Yuletide slayathon. Not only are the death scenes fantastic there are many memorable characters.  I mentioned Jaime King’s Aubrey character as our emotionally troubled hero, but there is also genre icon Malcolm McDowell playing a sheriff just aching to be the “hero” of the town, and finally Donal Logue from “Grounded for Life” playing an aggressively honest Santa who goes on a wonderful rant about Christmas and how it can be fucked up for people and make them go crazy. In fact there are several different dialogue scenes in the film where characters go off about how Christmas has a dark side. In total this film gives you amazing death scenes, good characters, a festive atmosphere from director Steven C. Miller, and a very dark message about Christmas.

Please, I urge all of you reading this, if there is one “Killer Santa” you want to watch, make it “Silent Night,” This FUCKER ROCKS!!!!

-James J. Coker


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