santa's slay santa claus infernal 2005 - poster - 014 (1)When it comes to the “Killer Santa” sub genre of Christmas horror movies most of them have a very serious tone. That is not the case with “Santa’s Slay,” a big budget horror comedy produced by “Rush Hour” director Brett Ratner and staring former professional wrestler Bill Goldberg as the titular killer Santa Claus.

This film has a rather interesting take on St. Nick, Santa is actually the devil’s son. He lost a wager with an angel in a curling game, the scene is a wonderful homage to the Rankin/Bass animated specials, and was forced to spend 1000 years playing Santa and delivering gifts. Now, the 1000 years has passed and good old Santa isn’t so joyful anymore. He makes up for lost time by going on a murderous rampage.

What makes this horror comedy work is that that it doesn’t take itself seriously at all. It’s a rather entertaining, fast paced, campy, and is overall a “stupid fun” film. To give you an idea of the “stupid fun” this movie provides just watch the first scene. Santa murders a bickering rich family played by none other then James Caan, Fran Drescher and SNL’s Chris Kattan. Yes you read that right, we get to see Santa murder Chris Kattan. That gives you a inkling of the silly lunacy of this film.

So if you want some laughs with your “Killer Santa” film this Holiday season and don’t want anything serious, pop in Santa’s Slay, drink some egg nog and enjoy the ride.

-James J. Coker


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