SPECIAL REPORT! – the “12 Slays of Christmas” is Coming

ATTENTION MY FELLOW HORROR HUNGRY FREAKS! this is James J. Coker here telling you all that since we did a “31 Hidden Horrors for Halloween” countdown…well we might as well do one for the yuletide Season as well. Hidden and Underrated Yuletide Horrors for make youre Christmas Season SCARY AND BRIGHT! so we shall be doing a “12 SLAYS OF CHRISTMAS” starting Dec.2nd and posting a new Review every two days in December till Chrismas eve with youres truly writing most of the reviews and Sterling “the sport Guy” doing a review of JACK FROST. Hope you all get into the Scary Christmas spirit he he he he

P.S. points to who ever knows what this Scary Santa is from…larry-drake-as-killer-santa-claus


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