TERROR TV- Classic Twilight Zone – Living Doll

The Twilight Zone - Living DollI’ve just realized that in the five months Hidden Horrors You Must See has been active we’ve only reviewed one “Twilight Zone” episode. Tonight that is changing as I will be taking a look at “Living Doll,” one of the scariest and more memorable episodes of the classic anthology series. I would like to add that this one scared the shit out of me when I was little.

A mean and frustrated father does battle with his stepdaughter’s talking doll, whose vocabulary includes such phrases as “I hate you” and “I’m going to kill you”.

Long before Chucky and the “Child’s Play” movies was Talky Tina and boy was she a scare fest. What makes this episode so damn chilling is that while the dolls insults seem harmless at first they get more serious and personal. Soon the concerned father tries every method he can to get rid of the doll, however nothing works. Adding to Talky Tina’s creepiness is the fact that she remains completely still while talking. Character work is nicely handled as well. You can tell from the beginning that our main character the father is an emotionally abusive husband and father.

One can see Talky Tina as a sort of “horror guardian” for the wife and daughter. However with horror there are hardly second chances for rotten characters and Talky Tina does in fact make the father “very sorry.” I won’t spoil that for you as the ending is perhaps the most chilling part of the whole episode.

If you want some creepy killer doll horror but don’t feel like watching the foul-mouthed red-haired Chuck or those little murderous marionettes from that Full Moon series then give this episode a watch. Prepare to have a chill down your spine!


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