28 (2)We all know that John Carpenter’s “Halloween” is a classic horror film. When it comes to the sequels however most people dismiss them saying, “oh the sequels suck.”  Yes some of the sequels do in fact suck but I’m here to say that “Halloween 2 “does not suck. In fact I will even go as far to to say I actually like it better then the first…GASP!…yes I know.

It’s the same night as the first “Halloween.” Michael Myers is around the neighborhood after being gunned by Dr. Loomis six times. Now he’s in a hospital where the girl Laurie Strode was taken. And there’s a reason why Michael is after her…

Now what makes this sequel worthy of your time is that not only does the storyline take place seconds after the first film but the creepiness factor and atmosphere is just as good as the first film. However whereas the first film has few victims and no blood this one has a ton of victims and there’s a fair amount of blood. What the means is not only are you getting the creepy atmosphere and creepy lighting of the first film you’re also getting more death scenes and more graphic ones no less. Also Michael Myers is more sinister and menacing in this one. And of course Donald Pleasence plays Dr. Loomis very serious and even a bit nutty too.

If you’re tired of watching the first Halloween for the one millionth time pop in “Halloween 2” and be surprised.

-James J. Coker


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