31 HIDDEN HORRORS FOR HALLOWEEN – OCT.29th – UNDERRATED SEQUELS – Halloween 3: Season of the Witch

27Out of all the films in the “Halloween” franchise the one that has received the most shit over the years is the third film “Halloween III: Season of the Witch.” Many attack this film simply because “Michael Myers isn’t in it.” However over the years horror fans have started to appreciate this entry in the franchise more and more and realize what a great film it truly it is. Anyway, onto the film’s very wacky plot.

An apparent murder-suicide in a hospital emergency room leads to an investigation by the on-call doctor, which reveals a plot by an insane toymaker to kill as many kids as possible during Halloween through an ancient Celtic ritual involving a stolen boulder from Stonehenge and Halloween masks.

Yes I know, the plot is indeed wacky but if you can forgive the wacky plot, the fact that Michael Myers isn’t in it, and that it’s a stand alone Halloween movie then you can enjoy this film and make it a must watch every Halloween season. Not to mention the film has some good aspects to it. The wacky plot doesn’t unfold itself right away but slowly throughout the whole movie, giving you many moments to say to yourself “what the fuck is going on!” The music adds so much atmosphere and the villain Conal Cochran, played wonderfully by Dan O’ Herlihy, is incredibly mysterious yet sinister. Finally genre legend himself Tom Atkins plays our main protagonist playing the role with joy especially during the films very “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” type ending with Tom Akins screaming his head off “STOP IT!”.

Part 3 of the “Halloween” franchise is one that can be enjoyed and watched every season with love if you just watch it as a stand alone “Halloween” movie. Also I will end this with a little trivia note that this film was supposed to be the start of the “anthology” version of the “Halloween franchise” where each new “Halloween” film would be a stand alone story dealing with the holiday. Sadly that never came about due to the poor box office and hate of this movie due to “there no Michael Myers in it.” To be honest I would have LOVED for the franchise to go into that direction but sadly Horror fans usually just want the same thing over and over again.

-James J. Coker


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