Poster_of_the_movie_Satan's_Little_HelperIf you’re looking for another horror comedy for your Halloween season but instead want your comedy to be dark and twisted, not to mention filled with the Halloween spirit, look no further then Jeff Lieberman’s “Satan’s Little Helper.”

Young Douglas Whooley is obsessed with Satan because of a video game titled Satan’s Little Helper, in which the player helps Satan to carry out his evil bidding. When his beloved older sister comes home for Halloween with an unexpected boyfriend in tow he angrily takes to the streets dressed as Satan’s helper, hoping to find the dark lord who will kill the unwanted guest. Yes, early in the film you will know Douglas is a kid with mental issues. Sure enough he comes into contact with a guy dressed like Satan who, as it turns out, is just your average run of the mill serial killer in a costume. The two of them cut the town red and spread some Halloween mayhem.

What makes “Satan’s Little Helper” a great film is that it has a unapologetically sick, dark, twisted and fucked up sense of humor, so much so that upon the first viewing you may not like the film. This happened to me, but once you give the film a second chance you will appreciate how fun but also how sick and twisted the film is. Also the “Satan” himself does get comedic in a twisted way though he still remains a very menacing presence throughout, leaving you begging poor delusional Douglas to finally realize that it isn’t all a video game. The film gleefully makes fun of the whole video games create killers theory but in such a twisted yet comical way.

If you’re looking for some fucked up humor for your Halloween then seek out “Satan’s Little Helper.” It’s a doozy of a dark comedy

-James J. Coker


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