Now I know what you all are thinking, whoa! that’s a kids movie. Well yes it’s a kids movie but it’s also a kids horror/Halloween movie. I believe a true horror fan should appreciate kids horror films because they are the training wheels for future horror fans.

All right…now that we have that out of the way let’s get back to this wonderfully adorable Halloween kids film. You see there’s quite a number of fun horror films to watch with your kids if you have them: “Hocus Pocus” (which gets way too much praise) “The Monster Squad,” “Monster House,” “Frankenweenie,” “ParaNorman,” and then there’s this little nugget from the ’90s. You see to ’90s kids there was this film and “Hocus Pocus” to watch every Halloween and while “Hocus Pocus” is a classic I feel “Ernest Scared Stupid” is just not talked about at all. Because of that I feel making this a “Hidden Horror” is right.

After a misunderstanding Ernest P. Worrell unleashes an evil troll on Halloween.

Out of all of the Ernest movies out there this one has to be the one that I have the fondest memories of. The film is silly and harmless, as it should be for a kids film, and though the troll can frighten some little ones the film never plays itself seriously at all. Jim Varney is at his absolute silliest here and theres one scene, where Ernest fights the troll in the back of his truck, that is soo incredibly fun that it will bring a smile to your face, especially when he yells the line “how about a bumper sandwich booger lips!”

So if you have some little ones and are tired of showing them “Hocus Pocus” every Halloween season why not pop in “Ernest Scared Stupid” and enjoy the harmless, silly and utterly adorable Halloween kids film.

-James J. Coker


One thought on “31 HIDDEN HORRORS FOR HALLOWEEN – OCT.23rd – HIDDEN HORROR – Ernest Scared Stupid

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