39 Television Terror.avi_000030263If there is just one episode of “Tales from the Crypt” you need to watch for your Halloween season viewing pleasure make sure, for the love of God, that it is the scariest and best episode of the entire show (I know, bold statement) the season 2 episode Television Terror.

A TV shock journalist goes into a haunted house for his show. This house has a history. It was once owned by a woman who killed her tenants and collected their insurance money.

To completely exaggerate this episode…HOLY SHIT! Is this a great episode, and believe me once you watch it you’ll probably say the same thing. Hell I might even say it is the best episode of the show as well as the scariest. Right off the bat it establishes the creep factor by showing the house accompanied with a very creepy score, practically a scary tune played on a out of tune piano. It also has a creepy atmosphere throughout and several gory moments and a crazy ending you don’t really expect in a haunted house. Also the TV shock journalist played by the late “great” 1980’s TV shock Journalist Morton Downey Jr. plays his role perfectly. Well he’s practically playing himself in it. So if you ever think to yourself “God ‘Tales from the Crypt’ is awesome but there are no episodes that are scary” then sit down, turn on the episode Television Terror and prove yourself wrong.

-James J. Coker



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