31 HIDDEN HORRORS FOR HALLOWEEN – OCT.18th – HIDDEN HORROR – Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight

03When most people hear the words ‘90s horror they immediately think of “Scream” and its million shitty clones. When I hear ‘90s horror I immediately think of this wonderful movie and a few others. I grew up with the show “Tales from the Crypt” and I most certainly grew up with this movie. I’ll have nothing but love spewing from my mouth for this, so lets get on with it

A mysterious drifter known as Brayker (William Sadler) has in his possession the last of seven ancient keys that hold the power to stop the forces of darkness and protect all humanity from ultimate evil. However the human race is safe only so long as Brayker can evade the demonic Collector (Billy Zane) who has gathered the other six keys. In his obsessive quest for the key the Collector rallies an army of ghastly demons against Brayker and the inhabitants of a run-down hotel. Armed with automatic weapons, sacred blood and sadistic humor Brayker and the strong-willed Jeryline (Jada Pinkett-Smith) must lead the other guests in a gruesome battle against the Collector and his evil horde of demons.

Right off the bat I just want to say that this film is INSANELY FUN! Seriously, it’s one of the funnest horror films out there and it’s a crime that regular movie goers never heard of it and it’s even more disgraceful when fellow horror movie nuts never mention it in conversations, SHAME ON YOU GUYS! The whole film moves at a fast pace with awesome makeup effects, a solid story, kick ass monsters, good photography and lighting. Of course there is the ghoulish “Tales from the Crypt” style tone and humor. Lastly there is expert acting especially from Billy Zane. Holy shit this movie is Billy Zane’s finest hour. His portrayal of the Collector easily steals the show. Demon Knight is one of the best horror films of the ‘90s but sadly “hidden” and since it’s such an incredibly fun and gross out demon movie I’ll go so far as to say its the “Evil Dead 2 of the 90’s”

Now normally to wrap these reviews up I’ll say “so if you …for this Halloween season” I wont this time. I love this movie too much…all I’ll say is…GO SEE THIS FUCKING MOVIE!

-James J. Coker


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