Dead_dudes_in_the_house_dvd_coverIf you ever found yourself flipping through the channels late at night in October then you might, just might have, flipped through this wonderful “late night” horror movie, which ended up being distributed by the infamous “Troma.”

It’s about a group of yuppies looking to buy and move into an old house that had a brutal murder in it in the ‘40s.

Now I know what you’re thinking…cliche plot line. WRONG! What’s different and actually kind of silly about the plot is the person who did the brutal murder decades before and is now haunting and brutally killing the yuppies is the ghost of a little old woman!…yes…ghost grannny is killing off the yuppies in gruesome gory ways. Not to mention whoever ghost granny kills gets up and starts killing too.

What works (at least for me) about “Dead Dudes in the House” is the “Splatterific” death scenes, blurry cinematography, bad early 90’s style fashions for the characters and bad yet still creepy style music to it. The whole film feels like a very late night on Channel “who gives a fuck” in October kind of horror movie. If you have memories have watching those weird yet gory horror movies late night in the 80’s or 90’s then watching “Dead Dudes in the House” will definitely bring back those memories. It’s required 1AM viewing for your Halloween season. Lucky for you Troma has the whole movie available to watch on their Youtube channel.

-James J. Coker


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