150143_485024184849442_1127166340_nIf you’re in the mood for a really under-the-radar kind of vampire movie for your spooky season look no further then the 1997 Stephen King vampire movie “The Night Flier.”

A tabloid photographer tracks down a vampires gruesome murder spree.

What works so well for “The Night Flier” is that, for the most part, it works as a mystery with gruesome scenes sprinkled throughout. Director Mark Pavia took a simple and short Stephen King story and actually did a good job adapting it into a movie, so much so that Stephen King loved it. Though the movie plays itself as a gruesome and gory mystery the final scene goes from mystery-horror to pure nightmarish horror that will haunt you. Seriously the final scene at the airport is so surreal yet ghoulish you will be convinced that you’re watching a nightmare on screen, especially when the vampire named Dwight Renfield makes the tabloid photographer drink some of his blood and the photographer starts seeing “some things.” Also, the Vampire Dwight Renfield is the stuff of nightmares as you can see from the poster.

So if you want some Grue with your vampires and want something “Hidden” with it for you spooky season then I can’t recommend “The Night Flier” enough.

-James J. Coker


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