16 Match Game.avi_001022421Now if you want to watch an episode of the anthology show “Monsters” and want it to be spooky for your Halloween season then you need to see the episode The Match Game, which I think is probably the best episode of the whole series.

It’s about four teenagers, the shy guy, the flirty girl (played by Ashley Laurence of “Hellraiser”) the jacket wearing bad boy and the annoying bitch (played by Tori Spelling, figures), who sneak into an abandoned Victorian era house around midnight to play the match game. If you don’t know what the match game is it’s where a person lights a match, starts telling a story and when the match burns down they stop. Then the next person in line continues the story from where the previous person left off. So in this case the four tell the horrific story of the previous owner of the house, Herbert Waverly. As they tell more and more of the story, Herbert Waverly’s rotting, slimy corpses rises up from the nearby pond to terrorize them.

What makes this episode possibly the best of the series is that not only is it incredibly well done it also has a very old school style spooky atmosphere that works for either late night viewing or viewings in October. Also Herbert Waverly himself is an awesome looking zombie when he does finally show up. Lastly the best part of this episode is when Herbert Waverly kills Tori Spellings character. He mashes her head into goo! YES! A kickass looking zombie mashes that annoying actresses head into goo! If you dislike Tori Spelling like I do then that is reason alone to seek out this episode! If not then seek it out anyways. It’s a good spooky 30 minutes for October

-James J. Coker


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