198639_492452534106607_1752019851_nBoy do I have a treat for all of you. If you’ve ever been in the mood for a “what the fuck is this?” kind of a horror movie then “Spookies is one of the top “what the fuck?” horror movies from the 1980’s!

There really isn’t that much of a plot to this film. A group of people head off to a haunted house to get scared and get way more then they bargained for by encountering one group of weird monsters after another.

What works for “Spookies” is that it combines the haunted house sub-genre and the monster movie. If you like monsters this film is full of them: Werewolf boys, spider women, grim reapers, goblins, weird electric slimy monsters, zombies and mud men who fart…yes…Mud men who Fart! With all these monsters it’s no wonder the movie is a nonsensical incoherent mess with choppy editing. Yet all those weird monster scenes, cool ‘80s style makeup effects and great ‘80s synth music make this mess of a film just so lovable to me.

So if you want some 80’s horror cheese with a hefty dose of “what the fuck?” this Halloween then give SPOOKIES a go.

-James J. Coker


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