31 Hidden Horrors For Halloween – Oct. 3 – HIDDEN HORROR AND UNDERRATED GEM – Clownhouse

Clownhouse“Clownhouse” serves as a perfect example of both a hidden horror and an underrated gem. It’s a fairly obscure film that not too many horror fans are aware of thus making it a hidden horror. What makes it an underrated gem is that, despite it being a great film, many people refuse to watch it because of a horrible incident that happened after its production ended. I will not go into that, if you want to know what happened look that up on your own time.

If there is one thing I wish horror fans would stop doing it’s that they would stop refusing to watch this movie based solely on that incident. “Clownhouse” is a GOOD FUCKING MOVIE. In fact I’m gonna say something bold right here: It is the best killer clown movie ever! Yes, you heard right. But where are many manners? Let me first tell you about the films simple plot.

Three brothers home alone are terrorized by three escaped lunatics in clown makeup and to make matters worse the youngest brother has had a terrible fear of clowns for years.

Though the plot is extremely simple the movie itself is one effectively creepy film. With the clowns peeking through door cracks and hallways in such a creepy fashion that only a clown can do. If theres one way to describe the tone of the film it’s…hmmmm…alright, to all those who remember the classic 90’s show “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” it has a tone almost like that show. Pretty much “Clownhouse” is a really creepy 90 minute “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” episode.

If you’re in the mood for killer clowns and are tired of “It” and those pesky little clowns from outer space give “Clownhouse” a go…if you’re actually able to track down the long out of print dvd or not gonna judge the film based on the incident.

-James J. Coker


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