31 Hidden Horrors for Halloween – Oct.1st – HIDDEN HORROR AND UNDERRATED GEM- Dead & Rotting

557171_486924711326056_490092074_nWhy yes my fellow horror fans, Hidden Horrors You Must See is in fact doing “31 whatever for Halloween” posts like a whoooooole lot of other bloggers do. However as you know at this site we are all about those hidden/underrated gems and those wonderful anthology shows of yore. So why not start off this Halloween season with an incredible hidden and even more underrated “gem.”

This micro budget, shot on DV film is not only unknown to most people it also receives a lot of crap from the horror community. However if you go into this film knowing its limitations and with the right expectations it is an enjoyable little movie. It’s about a sexy witch, played by scream queen Debbie Rochon, who gets revenge on three small town guys that murdered her cat by resurrecting these three terrific monsters (pumpkin ghoul farmer slasher things) to kill the guys. Though you can tell the budget of the film right off the bat, there’s a lot of elements that make up for its low buget: The very “halloweeny” like lighting, the overall tone, sexy scream queen Debbie Rochon and off course the cool looking pumpkin ghoul farmer monster things. If you actually saw this film years ago (and if you did…holy shit! ) and disliked it I say give it another chance…if you lower your expectations.

-James J. Coker


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