HIDDEN HORROR – Boogeyman 3

23 boogeyman-3-posterNow I know what you’re thinking “why is he reviewing Boogeyman 3 and not Boogeyman 1 or 2?” Well let me explain. “Boogeyman,” which came out in theaters in 2005, was a PG-13 bad jump scare shit fest for 13 years olds and the straight-to-video “Boogeyman 2” was actually more of a gross out slasher flick (I’ll review that one later) then the previous supernatural one. Now enter “Boogeyman 3”, another straight to video sequel.

When a college student witnesses her friends death at the hands of the boogeyman she is forced to believe in him, which in turn causes the boogeyman to terrorize her even more. Then she starts warning all her dorm friends which in turn causes them to slowly believe in him which sets off a whole series of spooky and bloody events.

Though the storyline is a bit cliche’ and it’s not the best of what straight-to-video horror has to offer, what works is that it’s entertaining, has believable characters, some good psychological dialogue between characters, some jumpy and spooky scenes with the Big B himself with good buildup, the Boogeyman himself looks creepy and the most surprising aspect of this film is that its quite gory! The Boogeyman does not kill these college kids in a clean manner oh no. Glass shoved into faces, hangings, bodies twisted in half, mutilated torsos and one poor woman shoved into a washer right after witnessing the entire laundromat gushing with blood everywhere a’la “The Shinning.” So if you want your spooky little films gushing with the red stuff and you don’t mind a straight-to-video horror (you really shouldn’t be that judgmental if your frequently visiting this site) check out Boogeyman 3 if you have the chance. Oh and don’t worry you don’t need to see the previous two to get the storyline. Each film can be viewed as its own movie, in fact…the “Boogeyman” franchise is maybe the only horror franchise that gets better with each straight-to-video sequel. Surprise surprise

-James J. Coker


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