TERROR TV – Tales from the Darkside – Hush

11 Hush.avi_000959333

This seldom talked about “Tales from the Darkside” episode is one of the most suspenseful of the whole series! Hush has a simple plot: It’s a normal night for a single working mom and her boy genius of a son. The mother goes out for a meeting and leaves your typical teenage girl to babysit the boy. While babysitting the boy shows her all of his inventions including his most prized one, his “Noise-Eater,” a vacuum like machine that sucks the noise out of things. Eventually something grim happens with the Noise-Eater. The babysitter sees it suck not only the noise from a bird but also its life. From then on the rest of the episode turns into a edge of your seat suspense ride and a eerie tune plays throughout. What makes Hush one of the best episodes of the series is that even though it doesn’t have monsters or blood or even heavy atmosphere it more than makes up for all of those things in having genuine suspense for such a simple plot.

-James J. Coker


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