JugFace-PosterThis indie horror gem from earlier this year is quite the fucked up little tale. It’s about a small community in the woods of Tennessee that for generations have worshiped a pit and believe that said pit demands human sacrifice. In return the pit will keep the community healthy and safe. To determine who will be sacrificed the pit gives a vision to a member of the community and said member then makes a clay jug of the persons face they visioned. When a young pregnant teenager finds out that she is next she hides the Jug Face which causes the pit to get angry and members of the community start ending up in pieces. One aspect of “Jug Face” that is quite strong is the acting. The characters all feel like they truly believe in this pit and its rules. The actors dedication to this universe is impressive. Another strong element is the young hopeless protagonist played by Lauren Ashley Carter. As an audience we are sympathetic towards her plight. However the strongest aspect of this movie is that it leaves you with a sense of dread and desperation throughout and when the very depressing ending finally comes it hits you like a brick to the face. “Jug Face” is Southern Gothic at its most unsettling.

-James J. Coker


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