TERROR TV – Tales from the Crypt – Mournin’ Mess

34 Mourin' Mess.avi_001439804

The best episode from Season 3 of “Tales from the Crypt!” Yes that is a statement because the early seasons of “Tales from the Crypt were the best but I do really believe Mournin’ Mess is the best of that season. The episode is about a sleazy and very down on his luck newspaper reporter who gets way more than he bargained for when he uncovers the truth about the city’s cemetery and a mysterious charity organization that disposes the corpses of deceased homeless people. What’s effective about this episode is that it’s a compelling story done at a quick pace so your never bored. Creepy “back alley” type Atmosphere and an ending that is incredibly ghoulish and nasty that it just sticks with you. If you ever happen to catch “Tales from the Crypt” on FearNet or you have all the seasons on DVD (bless your ghoulish heart if you do) and decide to pop in Season 3. Give the best episode of said season “Mournin’ Mess” a watch

-James J. Coker


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