HIDDEN HORROR – The Alphabet

The majority of people will attribute the medium of animation with the adjectives of whimsical, comedic or vibrant. This 5 minute experimental nightmare brought to us by a young David Lynch is the ultimate exception, for this particular live action/animation hybrid may just be the scariest thing I’ve ever seen to this day. Inspired by a terrible dream his daughter had as a child and as unrelenting on your senses as watching your dog get mutilated by a street sweeper, “The Alphabet” takes you through an over-saturated journey through many sights indescribable. The audio applied over the visuals in this short will give the viewer a tremendous feeling of unease all the way up to it’s bloody finale. It’s that same feeling you’d get when stepping off the wrong bus into a part of town you never knew existed, but the constant stare of the locals will let you know that it’s always been there.

Though it’s a very short trip, it is at least effective the entire way through. The only true upside to its microscopic length(and main selling point in my opinion)is that the short trip is more of a ride, and that ride happens to be Xcelerator on a slow day. You can just keep getting on. Unless you’ve eaten too much that afternoon, then fuck it.

– The Spork Guy

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About The Spork Guy

Born in Fullerton, CA and having inhabited every county neighboring it at one point in time, Sterling is a Southern Californian gypsy on a personal mission to challenge the postmodern definition of "Art". Underground filmmaker, illustrator, project coordinator and promoter of punk rock music; Sterling considers himself to be anything but an artist. Sterling is currently Manager of Operations for the Oceanside International Film Festival and has a hand in making sure other great makers of cinema find their audience. He has had a stake in honoring various influential entities with lifetime achievement awards such as; animator Everett Peck, non-ficton filmmaker Jeffrey Durkin and iconic voice actor Jon St. John. Besides working for OIFF, Sterling has also lent his abilities to the Temecula Valley Film and Music Festival as well as Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation.

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