TERROR TV – Monsters – Bug House


This incredibly well done episode of “Monsters” titled Bug House is about a woman who visits her younger sister after a year only to discover the house falling apart, her younger sister months pregnant and acting very odd and depressed, and the baby’s father a well groomed,polite yet very mysterious young man named Peter. What’s good about this particular episode is that though the situation of the characters seems realistic the whole tone of the episode is very unsettling and when the younger sister finally gives birth to the “baby” the whole episode turns horrific and you of course find out what has really happened. The episode has a downer ending that you do see coming once the “baby” is born but a decent downer ending at that. If you ever come across the “Monsters” anthology show on Chiller and see the episode Bug House is playing…tune it immediately

-James J. Coker


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